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New to cycling or want to gain more skills and confidence on road? Sign up for this 4-6 week class series. Classes meet once per week for about 3 hours. There is homework.
What do you need to participate in the
Cycling for Starters?

·         a functioning bike with working brakes and good tires

·         a bicycle helmet

·         ability to ride at least 5 miles

·         carry a spare tube, tire changing tools, water, pocket snacks, money, cellphone and ID

·         Club membership. You must be a club member to participate. JOIN here!
·         Contact to get information on upcoming clinics

Traffic Skills 101

The goal for the class is to become safer riding in traffic, and help decrease your chance of having an accident.  You must be a club member to participate. This is the first class of three being offered.  Classes are free for club members.

Please bring your bike, helmet, a snack, and water.  The class will include avoidance parking lot drills as well as riding safely in traffic.  

If you want to receive a certificate of completion, you also need to complete an on-line class PRIOR to taking this class. The on-line class can be found at   There is a short open book quiz included.  When you log on, be sure to pull down on "Monterey", so that the instructor can access your quiz scores. This is ONLY if you want to receive a certificate for the class.  

The manual for the class can be found at: sites/default/files/images/ PDF/Traffic%20Skills%20101.pdf   If you do NOT plan to take the on-line class, be sure to read the riding in traffic sections of this manual.  

This class is offered throughout the country, and taught by League Cycling Instructors.  The goal is to help you avoid an accident with traffic.  A few of our members have been hit by cars, and it is not something anyone aspires to!  

Space is limited, so sign up soon!

Contact for more information.

Next Class Traffic Skills March 3rd Register Now

Pack Riding Skills

Want to learn how to draft and paceline?
·         If you've completed TS 101 and are able to complete club rides in your pace group comfortably this may be the next step for you!
·         Contact to get information on upcoming clinics

Individualized Cycling, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Want to train for an event or take your fitness and nutrition to the next level? Want to learn how to Race or have other cycling aspirations? We can refer you to qualified coaches suitable to your goals. Contact