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Swanton Road TT

Swanton Road Time Trial Series

When: The 2017 series is on hold and looking for a new coordinator. Please contact if interested in restoring this event.  


Just north of Davenport near the southern intersection of Swanton Road and Highway 1, the Start is located about 250 yards up Swanton Road off of Highway 1. The Turnaround is marked at Last Chance Road (first sight of ocean). No facilities, bring water. Last Rider off at 6:45pm, daylight permitting.

Here are some driving directions, or for a good warmup, park at King St. at the end of Mission St. and ride out to the Start.


11.0 mile out-and-back course; 5.5 miles up Swanton Rd. (includes a 1.2 mile climb), turn around at Last Chance Road (top of the hill, first sight of the ocean), and 5.5 miles back. Narrow country road with several sharp turns, pavement poor to good. NOTE: While Swanton Rd. is a low-traffic public roadway, this is NOT a closed course and will be open to vehicle traffic at all times; the Center Line rule will be in effect! Helmets are required.

Cost: Free!

While licenses are not required, riders will be required to sign a waiver at registration. Event is limited to first 30 riders.


None (hey, check out that entry fee), but you will get to brazenly swagger at the post-ride swillfest (Whale City Bakery at corner of Hwy 1 & Ocean St. in Davenport)


Men: Ben Jacques-Maynes, 26:13, 8/3/06
Women: Katrin Tobin, 30:16, 9/2/04
Tandem: Mingo Graham & David Gill, 30:21, 9/6/01
Fixed Gear: Evan Cushing, 31:42, 8/4/05
Recumbent: Bill Grote, 40:35, 6/13/02
Men Handcyclist Open: Scott McNeice, 40:47, 9/4/99
Women Handcyclist Open: Monica Bascio, 51:26, 9/4/99
Men w/ Flat: Nils Tikkanen, 52:50, 05/05/05
Men Handcyclist Quad: Patrick Cottini, 1:13:09, 9/4/99